Triceps Brachii


The triceps brachii are upper arm muscles that run along the back of the humerus.  The triceps brachii are so named because they have three muscle heads at the point of origin.  They work in opposition to the biceps brachii to allow extension and retraction of the forearm at the elbow.  The triceps also help to stabilize the shoulder joint at the top of the humerus.  These muscles are worked when performing push-ups or dips.


The most common injury associated with the triceps brachii is muscle strain, which is the tearing or stretching of the muscle fibers.  This injury often occurs amongst weightlifters and athletes.  Triceps muscle strain often results in the following symptoms:  pain in the back of the arm, muscle spasm, and reduced strength and motion with the injured side.


Treatments include surgery, rest, physical therapy, and Ibuprofen or Naproxen.

Mike Pennington

Mike Pennington

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Mike Pennington

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