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Having normal range of motion in your neck is very important for carrying out the activities of daily living. Neck movements include flexion, extension, bending and rotation. Soft tissue injuries can restrict your range of motion. Motion of the neck is measured from the neutral position, which is looking straight ahead. See the pic above the device this patient is using is a device called the CROM.  It keeps the measurements objective and accurate.


Flexion is the motion that allows you to bend your head toward your chest. In normal flexion, you can touch your chin to your chest. Beginning in a neutral position, an acceptable range of motion for flexion is 60 degrees.


Extension is tilting your head back. A normal range of motion will allow you to look at the ceiling. An acceptable measurement of range of motion from the neutral position is 60 – 70



Neck rotation is turning your head to the right and to the left. You should be able to turn far enough that your chin is almost in line with your shoulder. The accepted range of motion for rotation is 80 to 90 degrees.


Side Bending

Bending your neck so that your ear leans toward your shoulder while you are looking straight ahead is side bending. Left side bending is bringing your left ear toward your left shoulder, and right side bending is moving your right ear toward your right shoulder. With normal range of motion, you should be able to move halfway between straight ahead and your shoulder, which is 45 degrees.



Limited range of motion in your neck can be painful and can hamper many normal activities, such as driving a car. It is difficult to drive your car safely if you cannot turn far enough to check your blind spot. Many factors can cause a limited range of motion. Injury is a primary culprit, because it creates soft tissue restrictions.


The great news is that we can help you restore your range of motion!  There are so many things we can do to help you (Laser, Ultrasound, Russian stimulation, Hands on Physical Therapy, Comfortable Traction, Manual Therapy and of course therapeutic exercises and your very own home program).


So, if you’re reading this you’re obviously very serious about your health. And you are right to be questioning the painkillers and generic exercises likely offered to you by various resources like the internet or even health care professionals. You won’t need me to tell you that painkillers don’t get to the bottom of these types of problems and worse yet, all they ever do is mask the pain, often making it worse in the end.


If you’re suffering with daily, annoying pain in your neck and shoulder area, the first thing I want you to know is that I am familiar with your problem, all your concerns are real and you are looking in the right place for a solution to end it.  Neck and shoulder pain are VERY serious and often, neck and shoulder pain are experienced together. The presence of one often signals the arrival of the other in the near future.


If You Are Worried About What Is Causing Your Pain, Or You Just Feel Let Down by Past Medical Appointments, That Were Not Able to Offer a Proper NATURAL Solution.  One That Didn’t Involve Harmful Painkillers, Then I’m Here to Help.


Thanks for checking this out!  Mike Pennington MSPT

Mike Pennington

Mike Pennington

Michael Pennington is a physical therapist and the owner of Turning Point Physical Therapy, which is located in beautiful southern Oregon. He is a loving husband, father of six and a master of his trade. Before studying at Pacific University, Michael earned his Eagle Scout and served a full-time 2 year mission in south Africa. He is as accomplished as he is hard working. Al l of his experiences culminate together at his clinic and are evident in his patient care.
Mike Pennington

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