Cervical pain can be complex if you are trying to do rehab on your own. At Turning Point Physical Therapy, it is made easy by using the right tools.

It starts with an evaluation. Most cervical pain has a component of weakness and muscle inhibition/atrophy. Furthermore, some cervical pain involves nerve compression and this needs to be evaluated by a qualified physical therapist. Muscles of the neck need to be tested. This is easily tested with a force gauge that measures your neck muscles to a tenth of a pound. Your neck strength should measure at least 40 to 50 pounds.

We have tools for treatment that no one else in the valley does!
1.A class four high-powered laser
2.Biofeedback to check for your ability to relax. This helps to determine if you are getting normal blood flow and lymphatic flow and a home unit can be issued if needed.
3.Russian stimulation, this helps to down-regulate the C-spine musculature!
4.Emphasis on hands on work-manual therapy work (MFR)
5.Home exercise program- patients who are consistent with their home exercise program get better faster and are satisfied with their excellent results.
6.C-Spine traction is usually employed and a home unit can be issued if needed.

Its time now to schedule an appointment to get you out of neck pain! Let’s do this!


Mike Pennington

Mike Pennington

Michael Pennington is a physical therapist and the owner of Turning Point Physical Therapy, which is located in beautiful southern Oregon. He is a loving husband, father of six and a master of his trade. Before studying at Pacific University, Michael earned his Eagle Scout and served a full-time 2 year mission in South Africa. He is as accomplished as he is hard working. All of his experiences culminate together at his clinic and are evident in his patient care.
Mike Pennington

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