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Raffle Prize February 2019

Do you want YOUR recipe in the next newsletter issue? Drop off a copy of your favorite recipe at the front desk or send it in an email to Maybe your recipe will be featured in the newsletter. Win your very own Turning Point T-Shirt!!!...

Patient Praises

Patient Praises **Patient name has been omitted according to HIPPA policies Via email: Two plus years ago I was able to: Run, bike, hike up long steep hills 7 or 8 miles, and workout with weights at the gym. Two years ago, I also started yoga. I hurt my lower back...

Posture is EVERYTHING!!

Posture is Everything During proper posture, the weight of the head is supported by the spine. That’s why there are all those curves in the spine, to give it more strength. As the head moves forward, the weight is no longer supported by the spine, and the muscles must...

Muscle Highlight – Hamstrings

Hamstrings The hamstrings, comprised of the semimembraneus, semitendinosis, and the bicep femoris, are in the back of the thigh. They are two joint muscles, responsible for extending the hip, as in standing straight up from a bent over position, and for bending the...

Free First Visit and Pain Report!

Hi Medford Area friends! This is Mike Pennington, MSPT from Turning Point Physical Therapy and I'm doing something CRAZY to promote my clinic! I'm giving away 25 spots for a first visit and report of findings for free!

Fill out the form below to receive a voucher and save a spot for your free visit! Spots will be filled up soon!.

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