My daughter, Jeavoni, has recently become quite interested in toxins and their effects on health. I asked her to write this weeks’ blog about what she has been learning, and give us all a practical tip. These are her words:

(Detox, 2015)

It can be so overwhelming to accept the fact that we live in a toxic world. By accepting this reality, naturally the next step is to try to live toxin-free, this notion alone kept me in the mindset that ‘ignorance is bliss’ for years.

I decided to start small and take little steps, as this was the only way for someone on a budget, like myself, to get by. I really got going after I was invited and went to a Juice Plus conference a couple of months ago(Juice plus offers amazing products that I consider essential for optimal health, call me at the office for more info!). She went over so much information, referenced her sources, and I left knowing that I needed to get serious about my health. Today I would like to share just ONE tip, that will get you started, the same way I got started.

My piece of advice for today is to go online to . This is the environmental working group, and their mission is “to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action”(EWG, 2017). Believe me, they are doing it! Basically, you can search food, makeup, household products—and they will give you the products’ toxicity score, 1-10. A score of 10 tells you that the product is absolutely toxic, while a score of 0 is totally toxin free, among other things.

Word to the wise: when I first logged on and started looking up products, I realized that my lack of interest over the years took its toll. Literally everything in my bathroom was a 9 or 10. I immediately wanted to throw everything out and replace products with the EWG certified products- yes, they give amazing recommendations. Resist this urge unless you are not on a budget! Getting heathy DOES NOT have to mean spending lavishly. I would suggest that as products run out you replace them. Yes, there are products in the 0-2 range that are inexpensive. I have replaced many products without price increases- it’s just about doing your research.

Also, another amazing service the EWG does is their yearly reports, called the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. These reports tell you what produce you need to purchase organic (the 12) and which you can save on (the clean 15). So there really is no need to purchase everything organic, just make sure that you do go organic for those top 12 toxic produce items. For the 2017 report go to .

Get on their website and look around! There is so much information, no matter where you are health-wise they have something for you. They have simple definitions and detailed reasoning to support their toxicity ratings.

Stay tuned for more tips, let’s do this together, step by step! Also, I would love tips and advice as I am only just beginning!




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Mike Pennington

Mike Pennington

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